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Commissioner of Police Makes Official Visit to Nevis

Commissioner Walwyn was accompanied by his Deputy and two Assistant Commissioners along with Lt. Mr. Ancil Alexander a fingerprint and forensic expert, and Inspector Vaughn Henderson, his newly appointed staff officer.

The Commissioner met first with the rank and file of Nevis Division in what is considered as the Commissioner’s Lecture. Commissioner Walwyn impacted the rank and file with his vast experience and made it unequivocally clear that he is here to improve policing in the federation.

He additionally cautioned the officers to adhere to the policy guidelines and the protocols governing the police, as he is a strict disciplinarian for policy.

Walwyn said “I am here to support you; I am all about officer safety. If you are right I will support you 100 percent but if you are wrong you will be investigated and dealt with according to the punishments laid down in the policy.”

He also went on to state that he is here to help raise the morale of the police force and regain the public’s trust and confidence in the police force and that he will hold himself personally responsible to the policy and lead by example.

The Commissioner Walwyn later met with the Premier of Nevis Joseph Parry following a visit to the various police stations and police residences on the island.

Acting Superintendant Hilroy Brandy, Divisional Commander for Nevis Division hosted the Commissioner and his delegation where they were treated to lunch at the Oualie Beach Restaurant before they returned to St Kitts at the day’s end.


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