Committee gives glimpse of SKN Independence celebrations

While it is not clear what the final program will contain, at least one major event added by the previous Labour Government is still included in the commemoration – the Lecture Series.  The Prime Minister’s Independence Lecture Series was started under the Denzil Douglas led administration, and was aimed at showcasing prominent citizens of the federation. It is to serve as an inspiriing event for the nation and its young people in particular.

According to the information originating from the Government’s Cabinet Secretary, the Independence 2015 Planning Committee has been meeting weekly for several weeks, and “is currently finalizing the official, month-long Independence Programme”.

The Independence 2015 Planning Committee is chaired by Minister/Senator Wendy Phipps, and comprises representatives from the public sector, allied agencies with a mandate for national development, as well as organizations dealing with historical preservation and heritage and ecclesiastical matters.

Senator Phipps explained, “Several sub-committees have also been activated to handle the direct responsibility for planning and execution of the major events marking the 32nd Anniversary of lndependence, such as The State Service, lndependence Day Parade, Prime Minister’s Independence Lecture Series, Youth Activities, and the Community Beautification Awards.”

Phipps also noted that in the development of the lndependence Programme, the Planning Committee has also borne in mind other insular and community-based events that various groups and interests would normally host during lndependence, although they may not appear on the official programme.

According to Phipps, Cabinet approved the theme, “United in Building a Stronger Nation”. She indicated that about one dozen submissions of themes were submitted to the committee.

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