Commonwealth Summit ends with Many Unresolved Issues

However, the three day meeting ended on Sunday, with leaders failing to reach compromise on a number of key issues.

The summit is said to have made little headway on executing a number reforms and fell short of what some countries were hoping for, according to a post meeting statement.

One of the critical issues left unresolved was the creation a new Commissioner for Democracy.

India, South Africa and Sri Lanka were among countries that were against the new Commissioner.

Other issues discussed were high rate of adolescent brides, climate change and homosexuality laws in Commonwealth countries.

The 2013 summit is scheduled to be hosted in Sri Lanka but is set to be boycotted by the Canadian Prime Minister, unless the Sri Lankan Government investigates claims that its army committed war crimes during its civil war.

The member nations however, did agree on the recommendation to abolish an ancient rule that favoured sons over daughters, when it comes to the succession to the throne, in member countries that still have royal families.

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