Community involvement leads to crime reduction in 2014

Deputy Commissioner of Police Stafford Liburd indicated that it was a good community relationship and several other policies and initiatives that allowed St. Kitts and Nevis to have a drop in criminal activities.

“I believe that it is what we were obviously doing that made a difference.  We began a school programme with TAPS. I believe that had an impact with violence in the schools. We had some reduction. Because of that programme, we were able to reach out to the young people. Prior to that, we had a programme years ago in the school that was PIER, but it fell aside,” the deputy commissioner told

“Also, I believe our patrols were a bit meaningful. I believe that we reached out to the communities in certain areas a bit more, and I believe that the citizens were willing to corporate up to a certain extent. I say up to a certain extent because people still have their reservations, nevertheless, people found ways to share their information without letting their identity be known,” remarked Liburd, who said Crime Stoppers played an important role in communicating crimes to the police.

“Crime stoppers have helped us, because people were able to relay their information and they were able to reach us. I believe that crime stoppers assisted us a lot,” Liburd said. 

When asked to clarify the perception of the general public that crime is up, Liburd explained that persons would think of murder, but not the overall crime figures.

“When we, as police, refer to crimes, we refer to wounding. We refer to battery. We refer to domestic violence. We refer to other offences that we could think of that is not murder. But I know that the public mostly looks at murder to determine that or shooting incidents… the public only focuses on murder,” the DCP said.

For 2015, he said the Police Force would continue to work closely with the schools to minimize violence, while also having a better relation with citizens and the community.

“We must reach out further with the school programme. I believe that we must be able to let the public know that crime fighting is not the sole business of the police… It should be that all of us in the Federation should find displeasure in crime, particularly shootings and murders.”  

He opined that the Police Force should improve awareness among the people.

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