Conaree residents & Football Club Petition Government for improved facilities

The Club has submitted a petition to Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas, stating, “We, the members of the Conaree community, write to petition the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis to do the following:

  • Construct a pavilion and bleachers
  • Construct a wall fence around the football field
  • Resurface the field

The petition has already attracted the support of 250 persons, but according to the Club, the intention is to garner the signatures of approximately 2,000.

In the document which was dispatched on Monday 18th November, to Dr. Douglas, it was stated, “Our community has proven that we are one of resilience. We have now captured every championship tournament that has been organized by the St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association. What has been even more astonishing is the fact that we accomplished all of this with minimal resources and against many odds, that is; without a sponsor, being the smallest football village in the Premier league, without a proper surfaced football field which has no pavilion or bathroom facilities.”

The residents told the Prime Minister that they are quite aware of the construction that is presently taking place at the St Peters football field, which they said, “interestingly happens to be in the same constituency. We the people of Conaree deserve no less treatment and have shown that we do in fact deserve better.”

“It is recognised that funding a project as this may be the main cause of the delay but the Conaree Community is willing to assist in whatever way possible to get the project completed. The field is known as one of the community’s most important asset as it is one way in which personal and community development is achieved. Hence, the club, and by extension the community wishes that permission is granted urgently to get the project completed,” said a release from the Club.

They have argued that the people of the community are of the strong view that it is incumbent on the government to provide resources to assist communities which deservingly require such. Conaree, they said, is presently going through a period of positive transformation and they are seeking to use their recent championship victory as a catalyst for further positive community development. As such they are seeking to forge a partnership with government in their quest to continue develop their community and the lives of the villagers.

They told the Prime Minister that they are expecting a speedy response to their requests and equally urgent actions to improve the football facilities.

The petition is just one of many activities being employed by the residents to force them to complete the project.





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