Condor Celebrates 24 Years in Parliament

Condor used the occasion of his celebration to make it clear that he intends to run as a candidate in the upcoming General Elections but definitely not under the leadership of his former boss, friend and colleague, Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas. “I will once again present myself as the candidate in Constituency #3,” promised Condor.

“I cannot however in good conscience, in fear of my God, in fairness to the vast majority of our citizens, in keeping with my own ideals and philosophy; and in the traditions of true Labour, do so under the present Labour Party Leadership. That notwithstanding, I reiterate that I am devoutly Labour and the principles and values I espouse shall continue to be authentically Labour,” stated Mr. Condor.

He said however that he was duty-bound to address the country in relation to what he categorized as “the distressing and lamentable crisis situation in which our cherished country finds itself, as a consequence of flawed management and reproachable leadership.  This situation has been insidiously foisted upon us, and we must now courageously face it, and we must find bold remedy.”

“After exercising great tolerance, after agonizing deliberation; and after broad consultation and fervent prayers, I find that in the interest of my country, it is necessary to consider political and constitutional alternatives in redressing our National crisis; and in forging a path of peace and prosperity for our benefit today and for our future generations,” he stated. 

As Condor continued, he added that “It may be convenient and expedient for some to trivialize, or to attempt to ignore the current crisis situation, in which our Country finds itself. This is a luxury we simply cannot afford.  The unvarnished truth is that we are being taken through perilous and uncharted waters.  The ‘Ship of State’ has lost its rudder, and the captain has misplaced his compass. … St. Kitts and Nevis is in crisis!”

He also indicated that a sequence of events has brought us to a stage where our economic, political and social affairs are in danger of instability, due largely to a stubborn unwillingness by the country’s leader to accede to wise counsel; and an unruly and disrespectful attitude in asserting his pre-eminence.

It has been suggested that Condor along with colleague Dr. Timothy Harris, who too was until recently a member of Douglas’s Cabinet, have given signals that they are willing to work with the opposition parties including the People’s Action Movement, PAM, and the Concerned Citizens Movement, CCM, to form a Government of National Unity.

It was on the 21st March 1989, that he was elected the Parliamentary Representative for Constituency #3 – Basseterre West, after Joseph Nathaniel France (now the late Sir Joseph Nathaniel France) had retired from active politics and endorsed Condor as his replacement candidate.

Mr. Condor also paid tribute to the late Sir Joseph, referring to him as a humble and committed servant of the people, and who at the time of his retirement, was the longest serving parliamentarian in the English-speaking Caribbean and in the British Commonwealth.  “I felt honoured to have been overwhelmingly endorsed by the constituents, to fill this position. Undoubtedly, my Labour Party credentials, my commitment to the philosophy and values of the Party, and my preparation for the responsibility and for the journey I was about to undertake, would have been taken into consideration”, Condor surmised. 

Condor who made a special anniversary address on local radio, said he thought it was fitting that he acknowledged the significant milestone of his political rise to office.

He thanked the many individuals whom he said have afforded him the opportunity for service at the highest level to the people and country. “I give thanks also, to all those who have faithfully continued to bolster me over nearly a quarter century, “stated Condor.



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