Constituency Empowerment Secretariat Approved for Establishment


While making this announcement during his monthly press conference on 18 August, Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas explained that the Constituency Empowerment Secretariat will be mandated to expand and energize two-way information flows at the community level.

This agency said the Prime Minister is expected to spur nationals to play an even more active role in shaping the feel and direction of their respective communities and is said to be in keeping with government’s commitment to participatory or consultative democracy.

The secretariat will be headed by a director and will be fuelled by the allocation of human and other resources that are already accessible to the government, said Douglas.

The Secretariat will fall under the jurisdiction of Minister Dr. Timothy Harris and comes as part of the government’s affirmation for the creation and maintenance of a highly informed and involved populace and electorate.

The new ministry and its secretariat are considered part of the government’s milestones that were identified following the last elections and inauguration of the new administration.

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