Contestant pulls out of Miss Culture Pageant

In a release shared on Tuesday with the media, the Culturama Committee announced that Cacella Claxton has indicated that she no longer wishes to participate in the Ms. Culture Queen Contest 2014. Ms. Claxton, will revisit the opportunity to compete at a later date if she so chooses, said the release.

The Committee said it is “saddened by Miss Claxton’s decision to part company with the other contestants who over the last few weeks have forged a bond through their common pursuit.”

However, the Committee says it empathizes with the contestant over the level of anxiety that she must have no doubt experienced, prior to announcing her decision to withdraw from this year’s show.

They also thanked her for having stepped forward in the first place as a contestant and wishes her the very best in all her future endeavors.

Though no specific reason was given by the Committee to explain why the contestant is no longer participating, some in Nevis have been suggesting that it was due to a new requirement that contestants in the pageant and also the calypso competition, must be residing in Nevis for a minimum of 12 months in order to qualify. However, no further details have been provided to substantiate that this was indeed the cause for the withdrawal.

This is not the first time that a contestant has, at the last moment, withdrawn from such a pageant.

With the withdrawal of Ms Claxton it brings the total number of contestant to five, down from the six that will now compete in the contest scheduled for Saturday 2nd August, at the Cultural Complex.

With this being the 40th Anniversary of the summer festival, the winner this year will receive a brand new car as the main prize.


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