Convictions handed down at Traffic Court

On Thursday 27th January, 2011, as indicated in a Traffic Department-disseminated press release, three persons who appeared before the Basseterre Magistrate’s Court on that day, were convicted of the offences with which they were charged.

Wades Garden resident, Harley Weekes, was convicted of a 4th January, 2010, offence of driving without due care and attention and was fined $650.00 which is to be paid within one month or in default, serve one month at Her Majesty’s Prison.

A $500 fine was imposed on Clarence Warner of Ponds Estate after being found guilty of “driving without due care and attention”. He has three months to pay the sum or face the possibility of being issued a custodial sentence of one month.

Lime Kiln resident, Nakgin Gill, was fined a total of $2500 as punishment for committing the infractions of “driving while under the influence of alcohol” and “driving without due care and attention”.

On the first count, the individual was fined $1500, to be paid within one day or serve three months in prison and was also disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence for 18 months. The remaining $1000 has to be paid as punishment for the latter offence. The offences were committed on 17th January, 2011.

Meanwhile, Reginald ‘Calypso Reggie’ Thomas o Tabernacle, will have his day in court as he was recently charged with “driving while under the influence of alcohol” during a recent operation conducted by the Traffic Department. During that operation, Peter Procope of Dieppe Bay was arrested and charged with “obstructing the police in the execution of their duty”.

The Traffic Department has issued a reminder to all motorists and continues to impress upon them the need “to always drive with care and caution and avoid driving when drinking”.


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