Cop shot in attempted robbery

Well-placed sources said Corporal Alexis Thomas also known as “Big Foot” and “Sheep” was shot about five times in the chest and arm by a colleague, who was acting as security inside the lower All Saints Road business place.

An eyewitness said it all unfolded in less than a minute in the presence of about three people who were inside the casino – an employee, security and a customer.

“The man walked in with a white hoodie, blue pants and black shoes. He pointed the gun and asked the people for money while he stayed close by the door,” the witness said.

Just as the hooded gunman turned his attention to the casino worker, who was handing over a moneybag, an armed police officer dressed in civilian clothing opened fire.

The office, was reportedly an off duty officer working as security at the casino.

“I heard about nine shots and then the man ran from the casino,” the witness said.

OBSERVER media was reliably informed the would-be robber, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, dumped his hoodie close to the now closed Kennedy’s Bar on Prince Klaas Street.

He reportedly returned to the scene in different clothing. Asked why he was bleeding, he reportedly told individuals he had been attacked and robbed in an alley nearby.


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