Cops in schoolgirl’s killing to be charged

According to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) a file on the case was submitted in February and the DDP made the ruling on May 15.

The names of the police officers are being withheld pending the charges.

Immaculate Conception High School student Kirkland was shot and killed on Norman Lane, Kingston 13 at about 9:00pm where a birthday party was in progress on the road.

Six other people were shot and injured in the incident.

INDECOM said that the police report stated that the incident began in Portmore, St Catherine when the robbery of a cell phone occurred during which the victim (of the robbery) was allegedly assaulted.

The perpetrators allegedly sped off in a blue Suzuki Swift motor car. The citizens gave chase with the police but lost the motor car in which the alleged robbers were travelling.

The incident was broadcasted over the police radio network and shortly after the car was allegedly spotted along Washington Boulevard. The police followed the car to Norman Lane where a shooting occurred during which the car was shot up with the seven occupants inside.

Several eyewitnesses said that the police vehicles came in the lane shortly after the car drove in and shots were fired in the car before any of the occupants had a chance to get out.

Kirkland who was one of the occupants was shot; she was later taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The other six occupants of the car were admitted in hospital.

The DPP has recommended that the matter be committed directly to the Home Circuit Court.

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