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Corporations Partner with ECCB to Launch Small Businesses

 Course participants will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas on 24th October, in an attempt to secure up to EC$15,000.00 in grant funding for their business ventures in a project dubbed “Welcome to the Boardroom”.


Welcome to the Boardroom is a project emanating from the ECCB Entrepreneurship Course and is patterned off the ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank”, where start-up businesses try to sell their ideas to angel investors with the hope of securing investments. The project affords participants of the ECCB Entrepreneurship Course an opportunity to demonstrate the full range of competencies and capabilities that they were exposed to during the training phase of the Course.  The recording of “Welcome to the Boardroom” will be done at the offices of the St. Kitts Nevis Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


In addition to the grant funds, the recipient businesses have to agree to be mentored for the first year following disbursement of the funds.

The vision is that this tri-pronged approach involving business training, on-going mentoring and the provision of grant financing to successful applicants will serve as a model to catalyse successful small businesses in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.

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