Corruption Allegations to be Taken to CARICOM Heads

The Sunday Express newspaper reported that Persad Bissessar made the statement in an email, in response to a request for a comment on the allegations.

The prime minister said, “Should the allegations be true, it is indeed cause for grave concern. Corruption of any kind is a cancer eating away at the heart of every person who should benefit from projects, since every dollar corruptly taken means one dollar less for the benefit of people; and it would be even more appalling for an organisation charged with responsibility for assisting in the fight against crime to, itself, be ensnared in criminal activity.”

“In the circumstances, I will bring same (allegations) to the attention of CARICOM heads and request that a full investigation be undertaken, including an audit, and for steps to be taken for transparency and accountability,” Persad Bissessar stated.

(This article was written with content incorporated from a Caribbeannewsnow press release)


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