Cost for quarantine reduced in St. Kitts facility

By MyVue Staff Reporter

Basseterre, 6th May, 2021 ( Authorities in St. Kitts have made a move to reduce the financial burden of visitors and especially returning nationals, who have to be quarantined at one of the main hotels on the island.

Chairman of St. Kitts & Nevis COVID-19 Task Force, Abdias Samuel, explained that the overall cost will be appropriately adjusted as a result of the reduced time frame for the period that visitors were originally required to remain in quarantine.

As of Saturday, 1st May, 2021, the quarantine period was reduced from 14 to 9 days, for persons who are fully vaccinated and have submitted a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test, in advance of arrival.

The new fees for quarantine at the Ocean Terrace Inn, (OTI), which is located at Fortlands, Basseterre, is now US$35 per day.

The government says that the fees are being subsidized to cover costs for electricity, water, and security.

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