Cotton-Thomas Comprehensive & St. Christopher Children’s Home receive kites

Over the past 5 years, they have sponsored “A Kite-Making Project” that saw each child of the Cotton-Thomas Comprehensive School and the St. Christopher Children’s Home receive a beautifully hand-crafted kite on Good Friday.

During a very brief ceremony at the Cotton-Thomas Comprehensive School on Wednesday 27th April, the Digicel Team along with Mr. Curvis Jeffers gifted each student with a colourful kite, who in turn flashed a ‘thank you’ smile to all who were present.

School Principal Mrs. Michelle Jacobs expressed heartfelt thanks.

On Good Friday, popularly known as “kite flying day”, the staff members visited the St. Christopher Children’s Home and presented each child with a kite. 

All roads then led to Ian “Rookie” Phipps’ Generation’s Change 3rd Annual Kite Flying Festival at Frigate Bay where the children of the Children’s Home joined their peers to enjoy an afternoon of kite flying, food and socializing. During the afternoon, the children tested their kite-flying skills in competitions to see who could fly their kite the highest and keep it longest in the air. At the end of the day, all the children enjoyed the Good Friday activities.

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