Cotton Thomas Comprehensive Youth Optimize Creative Expression

The three-day event featured a number of activities including the highlight for participants, a T-Shirt decorating session. Participants came up with a number of designs that showed off the creative abilities of these often underestimated youth.

The Thiessens expressed the view that the panoramic display of vibrant colour and organized patterns and designs was no surprise given their experiences with persons with disabilities. They however, commended the Ministry of Education for its foresight in recognizing the importance of providing such an outlet of expression for the youths.

The Thiessens are the Organizers of Joy Camp and Rallies in Alberta Canada: events that are eagerly anticipated by that community on an annual basis.

They informed that they were first introduced to St. Kitts by a Ms. Bowers who was born in St. Kitts but who resided in Canada and whose son benefitted from the Camps they organize.

Chief Education Officer, Ms. Clarice Cotton told the Education Media Unit that the Ministry has for a number of years sought to do all in its power to provide a well- rounded learning experience for students with disabilities. She added that this has included participation in sporting events locally and Special Olympics Internationally; identifying developmental issues as early as pre-school age, establishing an early detection centre and specialized classroom education among others.

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