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Country Above Self was her Reasoning; Says New Tourism CEO

It was business as usual for Carolyn James, Director Canada for the St. Kitts Tourism Authority; until she received word from the Tourism Authority Chairman of the Board of Directors that her services were requested in St. Kitts.  Her answer to him was, “country above self”. 

She explained that her unconditional dedication to the Federation compelled her to accept the Chairman’s request, pack a few bags, leave her family behind and return to undertake whatever was necessary to aid in meeting the Authority’s objectives.  

When asked what her role as CEO will be, she went on to state that as Tourism Authority CEO her function will be to oversee all aspects of the operations, which include setting and executing all marketing programs and campaigns for the island’s tourism product, communicate all directives and campaigns with the Authority’s satellite offices in North America and Europe, as well as building strong collaborative relationships with their private sector stakeholders foreign and domestic.

The CEO listed a few of these directives. Some are: the monitoring of this season’s Air Canada Toronto–St. Kitts direct flight which is going into its second year of operation; Communicate with other airline stakeholders, including American Airlines.

Mrs. James shared some positive statistics on these matters.  In 2011, the Air Canada flight occupancy rates were 94.6%; and the first two Air Canada flights this season are fully booked.

She added that American Airlines has recently increased its services to St. Kitts with the addition of a night arrival flight on Fridays, which departs Saturday morning, making Friday’s flight total, to two. There are also two flights on Sundays with one being an overnight, allowing for Monday morning departures from St. Kitts.  

Also expressed was the notion that all of these additions will make outbound travel from the Federation more convenient.

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