Country to see new businesses through UK-Jamaica Trade Fair

Jamaica Observer:  

OLIVIA Grange has said that Jamaica will be provided with an avenue to pursue new business ventures through a United Kingdom-Jamaica Trade Fair to be held by the British High Commission in Kingston next month.

In fact, the minister of culture, gender affairs, entertainment and sport is quoted as saying in a release from her ministry that this new business would be particularly in the cultural and creative industries with Britain.

According to the release, Grange was speaking Monday as special guest of the British High Commissioner Asif Ahmad at a media launch for the UK-Jamaica Trade Fair held at the high commission.

“In spite of its small size, Jamaica has received global recognition — the kind that only superpowers command and sometimes demand.

“Today, the name ‘Jamaica’ is never uttered anywhere in the world without a response.

“Our name has become synonymous with creativity and speed on the track. Put another way, the world knows, loves and respects Jamaica for its culture, including reggae music and sport, which many of you may know, I refer to as physical culture,” the minister said.

According to the release, Grange said: “I see Jamaican creative men and women creating and capitalising on business opportunities in the UK.

“We believe in our cultural goods. We know their potency. But we have to design and package our goods in ways that make them attractive to our audience in Britain and elsewhere. Both genders should enjoy access to the cultural goods on a basis of equality to cater to the gender-differential and facilitate diversity.

“We are proud and happy to celebrate with Britain, the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Windrush, the ship that brought Jamaican and Caribbean people to start a new life in Britain and help in the development of what we then called the ‘Mother Country’.

“We have brought our culture to enrich Britain, and the Notting Hill Gate Carnival, spearheaded by Jamaicans, is the biggest summer carnival in all of Europe, bringing together people of all nations and races to enjoy and celebrate Caribbean culture, especially in music,” she said.

High Commissioner Ahmad, according to the release, said the UK-Jamaica Trade Fair, which will take place on the grounds of the high commission on March 3, 2018, “will be a platform for a modern UK-Jamaica relationship. We have the support of leading Jamaican and British businesses who will join the fair to explore ways to make more of the opportunities between the two countries.

“Well over 500 guests are expected at the fair, including young people, to experience food, music and other arts,” Ahmad said.

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