CraziiSocks steps into the lead for Moguls in the Making

Nominees are currently competing online for the People’s Choice on Competition for the People’s Choice is hotting up, as with more than 5,600 votes CraziiSocks took over lead positiion from StartUprobot, while Liqi Liqi remained in third place with some 4,200 votes.

Meanwhile, there is no indication about which company will come out on top for the Judges’ Choice and Business Journalists’ Choice. The Moguls in the Making will need to wait for the big finale on August 10 to find out.

Currently Startup Robot is in the lead with more than 4,800 votes, with CraiiSocks and Liqi Liqi not far behind.

August 10 will be the big finale, when the top three moguls will win trophies and prizes for the Judges’ Choice, People’s Choice and Business Journalists’ Choice.

Here are some shots from Wednesday’s event.


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