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CSI SKN: 8 officers graduate from Forensics training

Brief remarks were given by Assistant Police Commissioner Ian Queeley, National Security Permanent Secretary Astona Brown, and prayers were tendered by Force chaplain Leroy Benjamin. Certificates were presented to the officers by one of the two American facilitators, Major Coleman (not a rank, but his fist name).

Dr. Anita Seamans of Live Oak, Texas, the main facilitator, is a Criminal Investigator and Law Enforcement trainer who volunteers her services to the US Justice Department to facilitate training programs like the one just concluded. Dr. Seamans gave some detail.

“I volunteered…to come and train with the St. Kitts Police Department with their Criminal Investigation Division…This week’s training was focused on their CSI Unit, for their Crime Scene Investigators.” The CSI Unit were exposed to training in lifting fingerprints, collecting blood and fluid samples for DNA, photographing crime scenes, creating scale diagrams and sketches of crime scenes and more.

Dr. Seamans took pains to point out that there were no particular weaknesses or lack of competency on the part of the local CSI unit that had to be addressed by her training expertise. “This was additional training for them and specialized training in crime scene investigation.” She said she was gratified by the officers’ zeal and work ethic.

“When I see my students asking all of the right questions so that they can determine what happened, that will lead them to the correct conclusions, always gratifying.”

The other instructor is Major Coleman. He is a Justice Department attorney and the regional advisor to the Caribbean. Coleman is also on secondment to the State Department to run its International Narcotic Law Enforcement (INL) programs in the Caribbean. Coleman said that St. Kitts is the base for a pilot project to deal with special law enforcement problems in the Federation. He was a crucial part of that project.

“My job is to come in, set up programs and deal with the issues after I’ve done an evaluation…” He intimated his involvement in the just completed course of training. “ I basically bring in experts, but I will facilitate and make sure we touch on things [that are important to the overall expertise of the trainees].” Coleman also helped set up the Violent Crime Unit.

A member of the CSI unit delivered brief remarks on what they had learned over the last four days.  He stressed the importance of learning about minimizing contamination of crime scenes and evidence. “With the addition of contamination,” the graduate said, “is the decrease in evidence; and our basic job is to find whatever evidence is there, make sure it is developed, and send it to the court for successful prosecution of cases.”

The Forensics training and awards ceremony was held at the Police Training Center on Thursday afternoon. The ceremony was chaired by academy commandant, Inspector Dickenson.





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