CTO adds new media awards for upcoming Caribbean Week

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 6th March, 2018 (MyVueNews.com) – Travel journalists and writers will now have two new awards to compete for in the 2018 Caribbean Media Awards of The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO).

CTO has introduced the Up the Social Ladder award for best social media campaign by a member country and the Look, I’m Going Social award for most outstanding social media coverage of an event or activity in, or about, a CTO member country by a journalist or influencer.

The awards event has also been upgraded from a luncheon event to a dinner event during Caribbean Week in New York City, 2nd to 8th June, 2018.

Sylma Brown, the head of the CTO New York office, which organises Caribbean Week, said, “Social media has become an important tool in the coverage of tourism, and both our members and the media are increasingly using the various platforms to tell compelling Caribbean stories. Therefore, we believe now is the time to introduce these awards to make the categories of awards more reflective of the ways the public consumes information.”

Brown indicated that the decision to make it an evening event came after CTO members expressed the view that an evening dinner event would give the awards programme “the stature it deserves”.

The following awards will be presented during the awards dinner.

I Couldn’t Have Written It Better Myself

v  Best Feature Article in a US-based Consumer Newspaper

Been There, Wrote That

Best Feature Article in a US-based Consumer Magazine

Inner Circle King/Queen

Best Feature Article in a US-based Trade Publication

Oh Snap!

Best Photograph in Conjunction with a Feature Article

Golden Mic

Best Feature Broadcast

 Virtual Visitor Award

Best Feature in an Online publication not including blogs

Up the Social Ladder

Best Social Media Marketing Campaign by a CTO Member Country

Look, I’ve Gone Social

Most Outstanding Social Media coverage  of an event or Activity by a journalist or influencer

Me Too! I Rediscovered Home! 

Best Feature by a Diasporan Journalist in US or Caribbean Media

No Anansi Story!

Best Feature by a Caribbean-based  Journalist that appeared in Caribbean-based media

Oh My Word, I Blogged!

Best Caribbean Travel Blog Posting

The June 2018 Caribbean Week New York, will showcase the sights, sounds, tastes, colours and attributes of the Caribbean to the vibrant American city, the organisers have said.


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