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Cuba positive about emerging oil industry

In addressing participants of the Oil Symposium of 33rd Conference of the Pan American Union of Engineering Associations (UPADI) underway in Havana, Marrero Faz said oil and gas production in the exclusive economic zone (ZEE) of the Gulf of Mexico could be greatly increased. 

However, he noted there are obstacles that hold back the island from achieving its goals such as the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the US, which he described as “implacable.” Nevertheless, Union Cubapetroleo managed to contract eight blocks of land and shallow water to foreign companies that carry out exploration and production activities. Also, 27 deep-water units have been contracted and other 37 are available at the ZEE, covering 112,000 sq km. 

Marrero Faz said stringent regulations are observed in the Zone to ensure the safety and environmental protection, as recommended by international authorities. He announced that from 2012 to 2013 five exploration wells will be drilled in deep water and the process has already started in one of them with the cutting-edge semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 9. 

Discussions will continue until Friday, as part of the Convention made up of 27 nations, mostly from Latin America and Spain as observers.

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