Cuba to play in Caribbean Baseball Series, says official

Puello Herrera confirmed on Tuesday Cuba’s participation of in the Caribbean Classic following some media reports about the possible absence of the Cuban squad, the sports publication Jit reported on its website.

The head of the baseball confederation said they are still involved in preparations, less than a month before the start of the competition, with the assistance of the champion teams of Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

He stated that one of the most important organizational issues is related with the presence of Cuba, despite comments appeared in various media questioning its participation for the second consecutive year.

Puello Herrera added that the only pending aspect to finish formalizing Cuba’s the participation is the permit approval by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control – a response that should be here any moment, he noted.

Cuba’s participation in the Caribbean Series requires a special dispensation from the US government under the extraterritorial measures associated with the economic, commercial and financial embargo that Washington has maintained against Cuba for over half a century.

The reigning Cuban baseball champions , Pinar del Río, will play in the Caribbean series, reinforced by members of the national team, against the champions of the baseball leagues of Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico, still to be decided.



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