Danger: Don’t visit the volcano !

Trinidad Express:  

Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat is advising citizens against visiting the Devil’s Wood Yard mud volcano which erupted in the early hours on Tuesday.

The Rural Development and Local Government Ministry has been working with the Disaster Management Unit of the Princes Town regional Corporation to secure the site.

Rambharat said that three homes have been evacuated, and there are cracks on the road.

He said that the area was now being monitored for seismic activity and the UWI’s Geological Society is involved.

Rambharat said there was still seismic activity at the site and the size of the mud flow was growing.

As of daybreak, it had spread about 150 feet.

The first recorded eruption of the mud volcano happened in 1852 and again about 20 years ago.

Since then it has remained dormant, with small cones emitting mud and gas over the years.

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