Dave Cameron Elected New President of West Indies Cricket Board

This followed the Annual General Meeting of the WICB today (Wednesday) at the Accra Beach Hotel on the south coast of Barbados.

Cameron overcame incumbent Dr. Julian Hunte 7-5, and Nanthan prevailed over West Indies fast bowling legend Joel Garner 8-4.

Cameron and Nanthan spoke with the Media following the AGM and the new cricket boss said he was feeling very happy and blessed to have been elected.

He said that he took his campaign throughout the entire region to ensure that his candidacy was successful. He said that his interaction with cricket officials in the various territories gave him a better understand of their concerns and this would help to shape some of the new policies and programs to be expected.

Cameron said that he and his Vice President take over the reins of leadership with very lofty goals in mind but with the understanding of the reason they are there to serve.

As part of his manifesto Cameron spoke about building on what he called the immense talent of West Indians, increasing the revenues in the sport and uniting the region through cricket. He is of the view that West Indies cricket is a very passionate matter for Caribbean people and therefore they understand that the task ahead is huge to rebuild the West Indies team back to its glorious days of success.

nanthan-VPThe WICB President noted however that he does appreciate that there are many challenges ahead, especially when dealing with these very small territories where cricket is seeing a reduction in revenues. What is necessary therefore will be a more creative and innovative approach that requires the use of every resource to restore the regional team back at the top of the game.

One of the key challenges ahead is related to the Board’s finances. In 2012 the Board made 15 million US but this year there has been a loss of about 14 million. The average annual expenditure of the Board said Cameron is approximately 42 million dollars (US). The recent signing of a ‘Rights’ deal he said should help in improving the financial situation as they try to improve the performance over the next seven years. Despite the poor state of the finances Cameron is still hoping to continue the development programs that are being pursued by the Board.

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