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Day care and Pre-school workers enhancing skills

A similar workshop is taking place at the Basseterre High School. Both have been organized with the support of the Ministry of Education has collaborated in designing the training module.
According to June Wallace, a resource teacher at the Early Childhood Unit, who is partly coordinating sessions taking place at the Newtown Community Centre, at the end of the training the participants will be doing an exam. The sessions have become important said another official because of the obvious benefits of having the workers formally trained before being deployed to work at the respective day care centres and pre-schools.
“They are gaining skills and knowledge and later on they will be going into centres and they will be doing an internship, where they will now practice what they have learnt,” observed Ms Wallace.

She made the point that they are empowering the trainees to become early childhood practitioners, and as a result of that, they have observed that they are really taking the information and running with the ideas to enhance the operations of the day cares and pre-schools.
After their training, which will prepare them to sit exams for the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) competency, it is anticipated that some of them will be working permanently with the Early Childhood Unit, and the more enterprising ones could open their own centres or even seek employment elsewhere in the region, stated one of the organizers.
Topics have covered areas such as work ethics and how to conduct themselves in the workplace, what is required of them, and what are the standards that are required when one is working at early childhood day care centres, commented Ms Wallace.
Another topic featured on early stimulation, ‘how do you stimulate the infant’ so that they would be ready for learning. The workshop opened on Tuesday 10th December and will end on Friday 20thDecember.
Approximately 100 persons are benefiting from the exercise which is being funded as part of the PEP program.


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