Dead Actress’ Mother Thinks She is still Alive

According to an article posted in, In Touch magazine, “It’s beyond strange. I don’t have answers for it. Sometimes just in order to function, I pretend it didn’t happen,” Sharon said.

And keep in mind, as if the poor woman didn’t have enough to deal with, Brittany’s husband Simon Monjack passed away just months later! “I feel their presence here. It’s comforting,” Sharon told the magazine.

She reportedly keeps her daughter’s bedroom exactly as it was before she died.

She explained: “I’m always remembering times with her. She would always say that we grew up together, and that’s true. We were so close and such great friends.”

Sharon is writing a book about Brittany right now, so let’s hope that helps her close some doors, and maybe put that house on the market. I do not know how she stays there after everything that happened this past year.

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