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Debaters Receive Goodwill Gesture from Island’s Premier


Chief amongst those on the island who have recognized the work of the Sixth Formers, has been the Premier, Mr. Joseph Parry, who told them at a recent luncheon he hosted, that because they did not win, some people might not appreciate them, and some might just forget about the team members, “But it took a lot of work to reach where you have reached, and I don’t want you to forget that,” commented the Premier.

Parry, who is also the Minister of Education, took the team to lunch at Bananas Restaurant on Thursday, 8th March, 2012, as a goodwill gesture, following their participation in the 40th Annual Leeward Islands Debating Competition held in Anguilla  February 23- 26.

Premier Parry said that he felt it was very important that he met with the debating team, and made some gesture of appreciation for their hard work leading up to, and during the competition.

The debating team included: Serena Clark, Theon Tross, Jason Le Blanc, Pearl Bergen, I-Shana Broadbelt and Akin Huggins.

Nevis were the defending champions, a title they have won on seven occasions. They lost their opening debate to Antigua, in the knock-out competition.

According to the Nevisian leader, the topic for the Nevis team’s only debate, “Compulsory education is an unnecessary burden to Caribbean governments,” was a difficult one.  He said it would take a high level of maturity to suspend your belief to debate on that issue for an hour.

“For any of you students to believe in that topic, you would have to be asleep, because training is the key to success,” said the Premier.

The Hon. Joseph Parry said that he believes in the Sixth Formers, and he asked them to position themselves to take their rightful places in society.   He said that it is not necessary for them to be a Premier, but it is important for them to be “a leader in whatever they do”.

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