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Decisions from the WICB Meeting of the Board of Directors

  • India A Tour Schedule
India A is scheduled to tour the Caribbean later this year. India A will play two unofficial Tests, two Twenty20s and three 50 over matches against the West Indies A Team. The Board was presented with a draft schedule of the tour. The Board has asked management to review the schedule.
  • Digicel Series 2012 – New Zealand v West Indies schedule
The Board approved the draft schedule for the Digicel Series 2012 – West Indies v New Zealand.
Management will share the above schedules (India A Tour and New Zealand v West Indies) with the West Indies Players Association.
  • Regional Women’s Tournament Rotation
The Board approved a recommendation from management that the hosting roster for the Regional Women’s Tournament be rotated as follows:
2012 – Jamaica
2013 – Grenada
2014 – Dominica
2015 – Trinidad and Tobago
The Board also approved that the format of the 2012 Regional Women’s Tournament be Twenty20 and that the format (Twenty20 or 50 Over) thereafter be changed to reflect the upcoming ICC Women’s tournaments.
·         Cricket Operations Manual
The Board was updated that management has completed the first version of a Cricket Operations Manuals for all aspects of cricket in the West Indies
·         Cricket Committee Report
The Board received a full report from the Joel Garner chaired Cricket Committee.
o   Video Analysis
The Board approved that provisions be made for all West Indian representative teams to have the services of a Video Analyst.
The Board approved that all senior territorial teams utilise the services of trained Video Analysts. Management will outline a formula to allow for implementation.
o   West Indies Team Assistant Coach
The Board approved that Mr. Toby Radford, former Head Coach of the Sagicor High Performance Centre, be assigned as the West Indies Senior Team Assistant Coach on a tour by tour basis.
o   Playing Conditions
The Board approved:
(i)          The introduction of Performance Points in all regional tournaments
(ii)         The establishment of a three man committee to assess the playing conditions of all regional tournaments. It is proposed that the committee members be Mr. Courtney Walsh, Mr. Clyde Butts and Mr. Roland Holder.
o   Coaching
The Board approved that all players at the Sagicor High Performance Centre pursue Level 1 coaching certification. This, it is envisioned, is a long term initiative which will broaden the pool of proficient and effective coaches in the region.
The Board approved that West Indies Senior Team Head Coach Ottis Gibson, in collaboration with Master Trainers be assigned to conduct evaluation of coaches to ensure, among other things, they are improving the technical skills of players and executing their roles in a way which is consistent with the WICB’s coaching standards.
The Board was informed that discussions are underway with University of Technology in Jamaica for a programme that will modernise our coaching materials and methodology.
o   Bowling Review
The Board approved a recommendation that the review system be utilized at all levels of cricket in the West Indies. Umpires at Under 15 and Under 19 levels will be required to report instances of suspected illegal action.
o   Quality of Regional Pitches
The Board approved a recommendation that Pitch Curators be exposed to continued training in order to improve their skills.
The Board approved the introduction of a Grading System for pitches.
The Board noted the less than desirable quality of regional pitches and reiterated its commitment to improve the standard of pitches in Caribbean to conform to international standards.
·         Jamaica
The Board agreed to a recommendation that President Dr. Julian Hunte seek a meeting with Prime Minister of Jamaica the Most Honourable Portia Simpson-Miller to discuss matters pertaining to cricket in Jamaica and the West Indies and Chris Gayle.
·         Guyana Situation
The Board received an update on the situation in Guyana and re-affirmed its recognition of and support for the Guyana Cricket Board as the authorised body for cricket in Guyana.
·         Governance Committee Report
The Charles Wilkins-chaired Governance Committee of the WICB (also comprising Grenville Phillips and WICB Director Elson Crick) submitted a report for the consideration of the Board. The Board decided that the report be discussed with the Territorial Boards for their consideration. Directors are to report back to the Board at the next meeting of the Board in late March.

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