Delegation of youth heading to Expo 2020 in Dubai

By MyVue Staff Reporter

Basseterre, 24th February, 2022, ( delegation of young people from St. Kitts & Nevis, will soon be heading to Expo 2020 in Dubai. The team was selected after a special essay competition that was launched last year to select fifteen participants.

Earlier this week, those selected were announced by the Department of Youth, during a briefing ceremony. Those submitting essays were required to write on the topic, “‘How Do We Sustainably Grow Food to Meet Future Demands’.

The essay competition winners are Cris-Tian Haney, Emma Jeffers, Ayesha Duggins, Dahlia Slack, Xavier Christopher, Kadeja Prentice, Kyea Phipps, Gemar Gumbs, Shadesia Greene, Mauriel Knight, Desean Newman, Recardoe Rodriques, Kymani Phipps, Dominique Williams and Gianna Phipps.

Minister of Youth, Jonel Powell, who will lead the delegation, along with other officials from the Department of Youth, said the visit will be a learning experience for the delegation, who will also, as part of the Expo, get the opportunity to witness examples of sustainable agricultural initiatives.

Powell also indicated that the team will be exposed to various aspects of the culture of the people of the United Arab Emirates, and those living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in particular.

Minister of Youth, Jonel Powell, addressing the delegates and their parents earlier this week

He also indicated that the trip will equally allow the delegation from St. Kitts & Nevis to spotlight their own culture, giving those at the expo the opportunity to learn more about the twin-island Caribbean nation.

Powell, however, also provided the delegates and their parents, with important details about the cultural norms allowed in Dubai, and what is not accepted in other parts of the country, like in the capital Abu Dhabi.

“Abu Dhabi is a lot stricter, since you cannot enter many places unless you are fully vaccinated. You will be able to experience the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You will see the $2.5 billion Royal Castle which was recently built and the gold roofs and all of that. The whole experience I think will be a memorable one and I am very excited, and I hope you are very excited as well to go. And as parents, I hope you are excited as well for this opportunity for these kids. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Powell.

When it comes to Dubai, however, Powell said that “We want to create a memory imprinted on the minds of these young people. What I would like to say is you hear a lot of things about Dubai…[but] not everything you may hear is true. You do not have to tie-up your heads all the time, you can wear shorts, you can dress the same you dress at home, the food is a little different with a lot of lamb and a lot of chicken. There is also a wide range of fast-food outlets in Dubai if push comes to shove.”
The 15 youths selected, include 9 females and 6 males. The delegate departs for Dubai on 14th March, 2022.

Site of the Dubai Expo 2020

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