Deputy Governor General says State of Emergency could damage tourism‏

Mr. John said that a State of Emergency could seriously damage the tourism industry and investment climate, and generate further adversity for its people in these difficult times.

He outlined that the Commissioner of Police and the Federal Government have his full support to improve the mobility, surveillance and investigative capabilities of the Police Force and he also suggested that there should be an increase in the police force and that government should provide additional incentives, improve training, and acquire additional equipment.

According to the Deputy Governor General, “Ultimately, our efforts will be futile, unless the police become more aggressive in apprehending criminals and rooting out gang violence.  To improve performance, we will ensure that screening is improved to attract officers of integrity, and that proper systems of accountability are implemented and enforced.  We are confident that the development of a modern, highly trained, and efficient Police Force will restore order and the rule of law in our country,”

Deputy Governor General John said Nevisians are aware that the apprehension of criminals is not enough to control crime, as there must be a holistic approach to crime fighting which underscores the social dimension.

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