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Desperate Jeffers Running Like Headless Chicken

Nevisians do not need any moral police. Men and women of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force are doing a splendid job.

After disagreements and out of desperation, they have named Spencer Brand as the CCM’s candidate in St. Paul’s instead of the highly favoured female top contender. A former principal and one who is active in church, she is highly respected by the youth, while she meshes very well with the elderly.

The CCM has only made things much, much easier for the Honourable Robelto Hector as he will steamroll this hapless guy who has refused to learn from his elder brother Franklyn who was forced to move from the CCM to NRP. I will scrutinise this and other CCM candidates next week.

The most pathetic is the Hon Alexis Jeffers, who is running like a headless chicken. If he has no head, he should put blame on his own party for having taken him on the rough and tumble and left him high and dry, not even bothering to educate him to the fact that the Assembly is not a choir where one walks with an instrument.

He did not make things any better for himself when he went on radio as a replacement host for ‘On the Mark’ programme on VON Radio on Wednesday November 21. Please, someone should advise this poor fellow that if his crotch has an itch, proper etiquette requires that he don’t scratch it in public.

Why is Jeffers dancing himself lame before the main event?

He has left no doubt that he is scared stiff and his bravado and braggadocio is nothing but a coward raising dust in an attempt to halt his opponent’s march to a glorious electoral win in the St. James’ Parish.


It is CCM that has put Jeffers in the awkward position he is in now. Looking at history, he is fully aware that the CCM is a revolving door, retiring its candidates through radio announcements when naming the next candidate.


What happened to Mr Leonard Small in 1997 when Nurse Jean Harris’s name was put on the ballot yet he was the sitting CCM representative in St. James’? History repeats itself. Let Mr Jeffers be informed: Nurse Jean was on the CCM platform in Brick Kiln on Saturday October 20 when they expounded on the dog breeding economic stimulus for Nevisians.


Politically, Jeffers is as blind as a bat and as deaf as a door.


Jeffers attended that meeting and did not question why Nurse Jean was on the platform.

He heard about the dog farms (it is not a dog farm, Mark Brantley has clarified, but dog FARMS — several) and then goes on radio on his own free will to glorify dog farming and confirm to all and sundry that indeed the CCM is serious about dogs.


On Wednesday (the second in a row) November 21 that he sat on the On the Mark programme, Jeffers talked about the Medical University of the Americas (MUA).

He said all the wrong things about it but probably one. University officials must be cringing with shame.


He said that the CCM brought the Medical University to Nevis. Nutten tarl go so

Hon Jeffers! It was an aviation navigational error that brought the university to Nevis. The then CCM-led Nevis Island Administration were mere lame duck recipients of manna from out of the skies.


Founder of the university, Dr David Fredrick, has publicly said that he landed on Nevis for the first time in an aviation error, thinking that he had landed on Montserrat. He loved Nevis so much that he looked out for government people and talked to them.


Oh yes, CCM brought the Medical University of the Americas to Nevis — so says Jeffers. CCM did NOT do such a thing. The only thing they did was to suffer a contractual navigational error and ended up handing the university a 50-year monopoly.


CCMers, please check out with Pink who will confirm this to you. If you do not know who

Pink is, then look out for the person who was the PS in the Ministry of Health in 2000 when MUA opened its doors.


These CCM people have no moral compass. They talk of benefitting the people of St.

James’ but please someone check out the records and tell the world who was appointed to run the cafeteria at the Medical University of the Americas when it opened.


I know who it is, but if I mention the name, CCM people will say is lie I telling.


Well, Jeffers actually confirmed about dog farming with his saying that the medical university should introduce a veterinary department when the CCM comes back to office.


“Under a new CCM administration, we are going to ensure that we sit down with the owners of the medial university to grow the university even more, and to bring some diversity to the University,” said Jeffers.


Referring to St. George’s University in Grenada, he said that it started as a medical school and that they have now gone into other faculties in terms of other subject areas.


“They have gone into accounting, business subjects, they have gone into science and all other areas,” continued Jeffers. “So it is a full fledged university now and last time I checked I think they had last year well over 6,000 students attending that school with two campuses.”


He then went ahead to pour out his misinformed solution: “I would like to see that happen to the Medical University of the Americas.”


Nevis will make history when a medical university will start teaching accounting and business subjects. The university on Nevis is registered as the MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF THE AMERICAS. Did the management tell him that they will change the university’s name?


That is why the Hon Patrice Nisbett is right when he says that he will work towards having the 50-year monopoly clause in the agreement with the Medical University of the Americas removed so that Nevis can have another university offering accounting and business subjects.


There is nothing wrong even with a second medical university for that matter. How many does St. Kitts have?


But here is where Jeffers said something close to reality on the ground when he said: “So it (St. George’s University in Grenada) has grown over the years and I would certainly like to see that happen at the Medical University of the Americas, where they can have that diversity, even bring in a veterinary school.”


Yes, Jeffers! That is possible, because veterinary science is a medical field and the Medical University of the Americas would not need to change its name other than a small addition to its charter, since veterinarians will be needed as Nevis will be breeding dogs, not as a hobby, but as business, as enshrined by the CCM manifesto.


I, Llewellyn ‘Duke’ Parris, did not write that manifesto. Is it then a wonder that the big announcement by Mark Brantley about dog breeding was made in St. James’ Parish (home of the Medical University)? Why not in St. John’s where he is seeking to be elected?


People of St. James’ you have been warned. The few dogs we have on the island have done enough damage.


What school did Alexis Jeffers attend? He boasted of the CCM’s recent trip to North America. However while he said they had the first meeting in New York, he repeated time and again that their second meeting was held in Canada.


No city was mentioned by him, as to where the meeting was held. Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. It stretches across seven time zones from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It is a country that is 3.8 million square miles. So where in Canada, Jeffers, did you go?  

Even in Nevis, just a mere 36 square miles, we talk of holding a meeting at Brick

Kiln to incentivise dog farming. What a ‘ting!


It was a caller, a rabid CCMer who will jump into the ocean if asked to do so by CCM,

Elton Marcus Hull, who mentioned Toronto as having been the venue in Canada. Would Jeffers therefore say that he does not know where Canada is because they flew there?


On the same radio programme, Jeffers said that he loves Nevis.


“I was saying earlier when it comes to this island, I love Nevis,” said Jeffers.

“And if somebody tells me that they love Nevis more than me, I would tell them

I love it much, much more than you, and if they come back and give me much, much more, I will add on more much than that. And that is how much I love Nevis.”


Much, much, much love for Nevis by the Hon Alexis Jeffers. But didn’t he only recently renounce his American citizenship? People who are born in Nevis and love Nevis don’t go applying for American Citizenship. They remain true Nevisians to the core, even when they go to America.


My grandfather would have said that Jeffers has no ‘shame box’ or that it is broken. I will save him that harsh beating, because when he is soon out of a job, I might decide to educate him on why being an American citizen would have been the better option for him.


Let’s look at something very serious here. Only last year the CCM took the NRP to court, accusing it of disfranchising persons by objecting to their being registered where they did not live. Through a technicality, the CCM won the case. It will, however, not take them anywhere as those persons will be vigorously challenged should their names return to where the CCM wants them to appear on the voters’ list.


Mr Jeffers said on the same programme: “And indeed when the time comes (election)

I am asking everyone up there to come on down and let their voice be heard through their vote. And as I said up there, and I will say again, when anyone who is thinking about coming home to vote for the NRP, my advice to you is that if you are coming out to vote for the NRP, please do not come.”


The man was serious. Much later in the programme he repeated the same threat: “And that is why I made the appeal to persons who are coming home: If you are coming home to vote, come and vote for the Concerned Citizens Movement. If you are coming to vote for the NRP, my appeal to you is stay where you are. Stay down in St. Maarten, stay up in New York, stay in Canada if your intention is to come and vote for the NRP.” 


That is naked threat to persons who will be coming to vote the NRP and it should not be taken lightly. Is this not disfranchisement at its worst? Jeffers is so frightened that he is issuing threats like a small girl on the beach who feels that her sandcastle will be brought down by other children.


 I am not a lawyer and I do not know how things are done, but I am giving notice to the NRP that even when they win that seat, because they will and that is what is making Jeffers fret, to take the matter to court and state that the win would have been by a wider margin were it not for those very serious threats.


Who can beat Jeffers the letter-writer? But the question political pundits are putting forward is: “Is Alexis Jeffers writing his political obituary?” They are saying to him: “Your admirers are less charitable today than they were in 2011.”

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