Diamond Jubilee Stamps to be Issued


The decision to issue the stamps comes after what is being described as a very successful local celebration in honour of the grand occasion.


Member of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration Committee, Mr. Raphael Archibald submitted a request for such a collection, via Minister responsible for posts Glen Phillip.

The proposed designs of the stamps are as follows: A collage of flags of the Commonwealth of Nations with a global sphere at the centre; A Crown Haloed Diamond with depictions of the National Flag and Pre-Independence/Statehood Flag; A Crown with the numeral “60” etched in a square and the colours and stars of the National Flag.

Another stamp will include: An oval depiction of the National Flag at the centre surrounded by the Union Jack and Statehood Flag with the numeral “60” etched across the oval depiction of the National Flag and a crown superimposed on the oval depiction of the National Flag.

And finally, a stamp depicting a handshake inset, along with the numeral 60.

The observance of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee was to mark her 60th year on the throne.

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