Different Dance Forms to be Taught at ‘Edna Experience’

The dance workshop is entitled the ‘Edna Experience.’

The two who participated in the summer program, Ms. Leburnah Liburd and Ms. Desi Brown in collaboration with the Department of Culture will be facilitating a week of dance from August 22nd – August 26th 2011 at the Victoria Road Community Centre.

Eager to share their experiences with other local dancers, the duo will be catering to dance fanatics and first timers between the ages of 13-16 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm and persons 16 and over from 7:30pm to 9p.m.

The participants will be introduced to the movements of the creative dance forms of Modern, Revival, Dink-Mini/Gerreh, Bele, Kumina, Dancehall and Soca.

The Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, who provided partial scholarships for Ms. Brown and Ms. Liburd, has congratulated the girls on their successful completion of the summer programme and is extremely pleased of the initiative that is being undertaken.

Individuals who will like to learn more of the ‘Edna Experience’ and be a part of the workshop should contact Ms. Desi Brown at 765-9005 or desianb@gmail.com or Ms. Leburnah Liburd at 763-9005 or leburnahliburd@gmail.com.



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