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Digicel Introduces New Promotions

Launched on Friday 27th January, 2012, Digicel’s Supermarket Sweep Promotion will see over a dozen of its customers in both St. Kitts and Nevis winning FREE groceries at either RAM’S or Best Buy Supermarket.

Last March, when Digicel’s Supermarket Sweep Promotion was originally launched, customers did not hesitate to participate for their chance at the free shopping spree, said a spokesperson.

On Thursday 9th February, 2012 saw the first three Digicel customers participating in the opening round of sweeps. In 30 seconds, Jevon Caines & Junior Matthew both of Sandy Point and Valentine Parris, who resides in Nevis, raced through the aisles of RAM’S Supermarket in Bird Rock, filling their shopping carts with groceries.

With the support of cheering staff & shoppers at the Supermarket, the three contestants went through the check-out process as Junior Matthew was declared the winner in the first round of Digicel’s Supermarket Sweep, with a grocery bill of $646.64. He will be able to shop at his leisure at any RAM’S location with a $1,000 shopping voucher. Second place and winner of the $300 voucher was taken by Valentine Parris, whose bill totaled $368.55. Jevon Caines who grabbed $122.18 worth of groceries won for himself a $200 RAM’S shopping voucher.

“Our customers are always at the heart of all our promotions and that’s why we decided to bring back our Supermarket Sweep Promotion,” said Marsha Chatterjee, Digicel St. Kitts and Nevis’ Marketing Manager. “We continue to launch promotions that will bring some relief to the pockets and purses of our customers; we all could appreciate some free groceries any time of year.”

All of Digicel’s customers both prepaid and postpaid will have an opportunity to partake in this newest and exciting promotion. Prepaid customers who top-up their Digicel phone numbers with $15 credit or more will receive a text message with a letter from the word ‘GROCERY’. Once all letters have been received, these Digicel customers will qualify to enter the promotion. Postpaid customers who pay their bill on time and in full receive a chance to participate in this exhilarating Grocery experience. Digicel’s Supermarket Sweep Promotion will run until 22nd March, 2012.


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