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DMX Talks RAP BEEF With Jay-Z, Says He’s Not Feelin’ Drake Or Rick Ross Either

During his interview with TBC, it became apparent that DMX is actually pretty funny.  He’s surprisingly quick witted and had a joke for everything.

But when the subject of beefs came up, he became extra serious.  He said he thinks Def Jam stopped focusing on him as an artist AFTER Jay-Z took the reigns.  He pretty much said Jay was jealous of his talent and wanted to take out the competition.

He said the album with Ja Rule never happened because of their egos.

And he jokingly said he doesn’t like Rick Ross lyrically….and added that he talks about food entirely too much.

He then dissed Drake saying, “I don’t like anything about Drake.  I don’t like his voice.  I don’t like anything he talks about.  I don’t like his face…..”

Damn.  Everybody’s hating Drizzy these days.  Also, X told a funny story about the time he impersonated a cop.

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