Dominica must pursue climate resilient strategy says PM Skerrit

Dominica News Online:  

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has stated that climate resilient strategy is something Dominica must pursue at this time because of changes in weather patterns.

Speaking at the launch of Climate Resilient Execution Agency of Dominica (CREAD) on Friday, he said Dominica doesn’t really have a choice at this time.

“I say to you our partners, and I will also reiterate to the citizens and residents of this country that we do not have any other choice but to pursue that vision and mission,” Skerrit stated.

He stated that climate change is real and everything must be done to make its effects less severe.

“Climate change is real and we have to take all of the necessary human action to first mitigate against it but also to be more resilient in the event that we are visited by another such tragedy,” the Prime Minister said referring to Hurricane Maria which devastated the island in September last year.

He added, “And we must commit ourselves to this idea to ensure that we have a safer Dominica and I daresay a safer region for the succeeding generations. We are doing this for our children and our grandchildren and we owe it to them as the current generation.”

Skerrit stressed his commitment to the strategy.

“As the Prime Minister of Dominica, I give and I reiterate my firmest solidarity and commitment to this cause because I believe it is the only and right path to pursue at this time,” he stated.

CREAD is expected to coordinate all reconstruction work to avoid duplication, maximize economies of scale, spot and fill critical gaps, avoid bureaucratic infighting and ensure all reconstruction activities are focused on a single Climate-Resilient Recovery Plan developed by Dominica and its partners.

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