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Nevis Economy under Threat of Modern Day Two-Eyed Pirates Claims Premier

He stated that the groundwork they painstakingly built over the years is being threatened, by what he called “a group of modern day, two-eyed pirates, (who are) lurking in the bush,” who are seeking to pounce on the asset called Nevis and extract for themselves and their friends all that they have worked so hard for over the years.

Parry also admitted that Nevis had experienced economic challenges caused by the global economic slump, saying the island had to abide by conditions given by the International Monetary Fund, IMF.

“We are obligated to reduce expenditure and public investments in roads and infrastructural projects. Consequently that part of government activities that generally leads to the expansion of employment was severely limited,“ Parry explained

He said that all Nevisians realized this and the opposition saw it and gloated. He however indicated that through creative thought and consultation with their social partners, they were able to stabilize the economy and create jobs.

He accused the opposition of desperation, stating that he has never seen such behaviour in politics and hungriness for power.

The Nevisian Premier then called on all NRP devotees to show their overwhelming support to the party, calling on them to rally their family, friends and neighbours, to convince them beyond any shadow of the doubt, that the candidates for his Party are best for Nevis.
“We are not yielding an inch; at stake is not only the survival of the government of the NRP but at stake is the future of Nevis,” Parry declared.

The Premier also teased the audience in attendance as he was seemingly prepared to announce a date for the island-wide elections but refrained from doing so.

Parry was at the time addressing members attending the NRP Convention on Sunday (28th October) at the Nevis Performing Arts Centre.  He spoke for just under an hour with many in the audience, including Guest Speaker, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt of Dominica.

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