Dominican children to enter schools in A&B

Education Minister Michael Browne said, in a statement, students who are nationals of Dominica and who were in Antigua & Barbuda on summer vacation during the passing of Tropical Storm Erika, and whose school remained closed, will be permitted to continue their education in designated public schools until the end of the current school term in December 2015.

The ministry said its courtesy and hospitality will be limited to students who were vacationing in the country during the passing of the storm, those with stamps in their passports showing arrival in the country prior to arrival of Tropic Storm Erika, but not earlier than three months before the storm.

Students from the Nature Isle will be allowed in the school system if the school in which they last attended is inoperable and no alternative provisions are in place to continue the educative process. The host family must “give assurance they will continue to support the student (s)”.

The ministry is collaborating with prominent Dominica national Cecile Hill to organize registration for these students.

Hill said earlier this week she had a list of 20 students from Dominica seeking to get into schools here.

A hotline has been established. Parents seeking information can access the hotline by dialling 481-1609; they are required to provide the names of the child or children, age, gender, address in Antigua, name of parent or guardian and contact number, which will be taken and entered into a database.

The information will then be forwarded to the Ministry of Education, where, once it is validated, the student will receive temporary placement.

The ministry said students will be accommodated in schools with space availability.


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