“Donkey’s” Arrested for Larceny

In a press release issued on Wednesday 1st December, the police’s Press and Public Relations Office informed that 38-year-old Terrance ‘Donkey’s’ Casey of Salt Pond Alley was arrested “on a warrant in the first instance” for a 28th September 2010 offence of larceny.

The act, which police believe Casey committed, took place at Fort Thomas Road.

Although it neglected to inform of the item(s) which Casey is alleged to have stolen, the release indicates that, “According to the detectives, Casey has long been on a list of persons suspected for larceny and other offences involving stealing and they are satisfied that they were now able to gather the evidence to secure his arrest.”

Detectives, according to the release, will be objecting to bail – should Casey make an application – and if the Magistrate finds favour in the objection, Casey would be remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison where he would await trial.

Investigations are still ongoing.

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