Douglas & Parry Conspiring to Take Away Democratic Rights of Nevisians-Says CCM Leader

Amory was speaking at a political rally, when he told supporters that they cannot afford to allow the ruling party to creep up on them and take away their rights. Amory said that the St. Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister, Denzil Douglas and Joseph Parry, the Premier of Nevis, have been conspiring to take away the democratic rights of the people of Nevis and St. Kitts.

“Somebody told me tonight, that they have a list of seventy something names from around St. Kitts…people who are registered…well let me not say registered…because that is to give them some legitimacy…whose names are on the list in Nevis, and we have to get that list of names tomorrow and identify those persons and see what actions we have to take, to protect the integrity of the Nevis voters…” said Amory.

“So we see these two men who are conspiring, that is they are sitting in their joint Cabinet or wherever they sit when they get at Marriott, or wherever they go, and they are sitting down plotting to take over this country by devious and crooked and evil means. And while we are sitting down quietly am sure you are not quiet in your minds…am sure you are thinking, how can we stop these people,” asked Amory.

The former Premier said that since last Saturday, 2nd July, 2011, his party has had a very busy staff trying to find out the names of persons, whose names have been removed from the list, from the January list.

“We have sent a list of those names to the Electoral Commission this morning, (Monday 4th July, 2011). Mr. (Theodore) Hobson sent those names, with a letter to the Commission. We are yet to hear from the commission. But I want to say to you, people of Nevis, NRP, CCM, non-aligned, that if we don’t stop this conspiracy, we are going to be in serious trouble,” said Amory.

Amory continued, “All of the programs that CCM has put forward to you, all of the plans that we have put forward to you, will mean nothing, unless we stop this conspiracy.”

Amory cautioned, “I believe in the rule of law. I believe in justice. I believe that we must do things properly. Some people don’t like my style but when all is said and done, if you go about things systematically and properly, it will work out. I am convinced that the Electoral Commission, in their good judgment will make a decision on these names being re-instated on the list. I am making that statement because that is the right thing to do and that is what the constitution demands.”

“If we are not guided by law, then we will get exactly what Parry says, that is, the law of the jungle. That is what we would get. If we do not abide by our laws and our constitution, we would get nothing but the rule of the jungle,” promised Amory.

“Why this desperation and wickedness? We have to stand up and I will say to you this, we are going to find out from Mr. (Collin) Tyrell, from the Hon. Mark Brantley, from Ted Hobson, where we are in the next step in this whole process in stopping this conspiracy. And if, when we get that information, and we call on you to go on the streets of Nevis, I want you to come out in your thousands, not 200, not 500, thousands…green, blue, red and yellow…everybody, we want you to march. We want you to march because this is going to be a time when we show, by a force of numbers, on the streets, that we are not going to stand up for any foolishness anymore,” stated the CCM leader.

Mr. Amory reminded listeners that the people in St. Kitts in the last elections and the last election before that, were crying out about the manipulation of the electoral system, because this thing was being seen since 2004, that Douglas was seeking to do everything possible to hold on to power.

“I say to you, that if the Electoral Commission fails to make the decision to say to the Supervisor (of Election), that they have to use whatever means to get the names back on, I would be a devastated person. Because it would mean that our constitution would not worth the paper it is written on. If they cannot say, based on the constitution, based on the law, this is what we are saying to you, that it must be done; then we don’t have any rules in this country, “argued the candidate for St. George.

Amory told the meeting, “This is not just time for us to make jolly and say that we are going to win; it is time for us to do what it takes for us to win. We need to do things to win. And we have taken the first step in correcting the wrong direction today by getting the Commission involved in this saga of conspiracy with the Voters List. My friends, you have the power to make the difference in this country.”

“My appeal to you is that you the people of Nevis, all of you, red, green brown, yellow, black, blue, whatever it is, that you take the decision that you are going to make the difference in this election. I don’t want to sound like I am scaring you, but we have to make sure that you get the message, that if we don’t stop this conspiracy…then we are going to have the hardest next five years in our lives…if you think that what gone is hard, you gon hear ‘bout’ nail, in the next five years, under an NRP/Labour government,” predicted Amory.

He said, “When we were warning us in 2010 about Labour and about NRP, people didn’t take us seriously. In St. Kitts, when the PAM was saying to the people in St. Kitts, that you had to get rid of Douglas because he was not working…this billboard up and down the place, (saying) it’s working, and people saying it’s not working because the signs were there; we fell asleep, the people in St. Kitts fell asleep and now they have gone into a coma and they have been beaten, right left and centre and pressure is on them.”

The CCM is now confirming that their research thus far, has found over 250 names of persons who voted last year in the General Elections, have been removed from the Voters List, with no explanation being provided to those voters or the public.



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