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Douglas Accuses Caller of Malicious Intent

“I invite persons to come to St. Kitts and Nevis to invest and to provide jobs for our people. Every single investor that I have invited to come to St. Kitts is to provide jobs and job opportunities. How can they get profits without bringing something and getting something in return?  They must provide good paying jobs for our people,” said Prime Minister Douglas. 

Douglas rejected the suggestion from a caller to his weekly radio program that his invitation is one of “exploitation”. While making known his objection to the suggestion, Douglas indicated that the caller should dispel the notion. 

“I think you are just being malicious for making statements like that,” said Prime Minister Douglas. 

“In these small countries we bring jobs, we bring jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. That is why we go out to look for investors and that is to bring jobs to our people,” emphasised Prime Minister Douglas. 

He said one of the greatest challenges that small and large countries face today is unemployment. 

“If we are going to benefit from foreign and local investment in the country, then it must bring jobs,” Prime Minister Douglas reiterated.

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