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Douglas says Public Response to Condor Unnecessary

In response to a caller during a recent edition of ‘Ask the Prime Minister’, Douglas indicated that with Sam Condor being a member of the party that he(the Prime Minister) leads, he  will not say anything  negative about the Deputy Prime Minister or members of his Cabinet,  party  or any supporters

“The Deputy Prime Minister said what he had to say… fine.  I can speak with the Deputy Prime Minister about what I think, it may not be acceptable based on what he said I don’t have to do that publically, and that is the problem of those who wish to see the end of the Labour Party Government,” he said emphatically.

Douglas then accused the caller of wanting to see the Government Ministers fighting amongst each other but he assured listeners that that is not going to happen.

Douglas closed the issue by saying, “You know you can’t beat us, none of you out there can defeat this Labour Party, of course the party can defeat itself and that is what your problem is. The problem is for those of you who are conniving and planning and doing all manner of things to see the end of the labour government, let me tell you beat me at the ballot.”

Last week in Parliament Condor expressed his disgust with the Prime Minister for keeping him (Condor) out of the loop about the establishment of a consulate office in Dubai.

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