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Driver of Rental Car Slams Lamppost in Frigate Bay

Reports are that sometime between 1:30am and 2:00am, on Tuesday, a red motor car, with license number, R 318 and believed to be owned by Bulls Eye Car Rental, was travelling on the Frigate Bay Road, when it collided with a lamppost, just yards away from the first roundabout entering Frigate Bay.

It is not known however, the circumstances that may have led to the car hitting the street light, causing it to break, resulting in extensive damage to the left side and other parts of the vehicle.

However, it was observed that those who came immediately to the aid of the driver were travelling northwards, (out of Frigate Bay) and coming from the general area of the second roundabout. It is also believed that those in the vehicle in question as well as those giving assistance, were students at one of the universities located on the island and were familiar to each other.Lamp-post

There was no indication if the driver or any other person was injured but no emergency vehicles were called to the scene. The emergency airbags on both the driver and front passenger sides were deployed, giving some indication of the force of impact.

Approximately 20 minutes after the accident and with the help of those assisting, the occupants of the rental removed their personal items from the damaged car and were driven away in another vehicle.

One police vehicle, known to be assigned to the Frigate Bay Outpost came along some 25 minutes after, but by that time no one in question was around to answer any question or explain what transpired.

Police have since confirmed that it is indeed an offense to leave the scene of an accident, unless you have been injured, before investigators have arrived. A police official also explained that the incident has to be reported within 24 hours, otherwise charges could be made against those involved and responsible.R-318-plate

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