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Drop, Cover and Hold On!

Let me start by saying that I find the employees of NEVLEC to be wonderful, caring and dedicated individuals. Those of whom I’ve been in contact with are honorable persons who seem as professional and hardworking as the best here on Nevis.

The information made public regarding outstanding amounts owed to NEVLEC have caused a huge stir and has been the hot talking topic around the island.

What makes the situation so awful is that individuals involved and who have received electricity without paying are the very persons who were at the top in government and sat in council, sat in cabinet and unleashed their wickedness upon the people of Nevis.

One has no choice but to be reminded of the prophetic words uttered by the late Honorable Malcolm Guishard. Malcolm warned us not to allow the NRP to get into office as the very same things that happened under their watch, would have happened.

The wrath of the wicked certainly fell upon the majority of Nevisians and stories of customers being disconnected for small amounts of money have been dismal and tearful. Added to a total of $54.00 that a customer found difficulty in paying, her service was disconnected and she had to find an extra $100.00 to have her electricity reconnected.

My personal experiences was bothersome as I was requested to pay $100.00 reconnection fees when my services were not disconnected.

That I did not do but many have done so in the interest of maintaining peace.

Despite the goodness of the majority of workers at the institution, orders must have come from higher places to carry out injustices towards the poorer and less fortunate customers.

It was prior to the July, 2011 election that amounts outstanding to NEVLEC by individuals who were activists of the NRP, were in the public domain.

Specifically I asked, how could my services be cut off for an outstanding amount less than $300.00, while known activist remained untouched for more than 10 times of my bill. I was rudely told that is not my business, not to worry about that.

The fact is that we saw this travesty unfolding in our eyes and could not do much about it. Those in control and who were given the responsibility to be the hatchet person(s) simply operated without good faith and totally without conscience.

Premier Amory released figures from page 9 of the General Manager’s report that stunned most Nevisians on Friday night, February 1.

Figures range between “two million, eight hundred thousand dollars and twenty eight thousand dollars. Massive amounts by the stretch of anyone’s imagination.

One suspects that this is merely the tip of the iceberg and corruption untold will soon unfold and will be told.

In the not too distant future Nevisians will get a clearer picture of what transpired between July 11, 2006 and January 22, 2013. There are statutory bodies like NHLDC and NASPA that many are eagerly awaiting the findings.

All I’m asking is for us to do the DCH. Drop, Cover, Hold on!

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