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Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard strengthens ties with French maritime authorities


Where it concerns maritime safety, the RCC Curaçao regularly coordinates Search-and-Rescue actions with its partner RCC in Fort-de-France (Martinique). Several search and rescue actions have been conducted in good cooperation using both French assets and assets of the Coast Guard. This includes flying assets from substation Hato and maritime assets from the substation in St. Martin.


Both the French and Coast Guard have to coordinate their operations in maritime law enforcement since the territorial waters are almost bordering around some islands but information is exchanged on a regular basis.

Both the Kingdom of the Netherlands and France are signatories of the “Treaty of San José”, which aims to improve and strengthen the counter trafficking in the Caribbean region by enhancing the cooperation and coordination of the treaty members. The treaty enables members, with permission of the other state, to operate in each other’s waters and to conduct inspections on each other vessels when situation dictates


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