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Dwyane Wade open to playing in China

“If offers are made down the road, will they be looked at? Absolutely,” agent Henry Thomas told on Friday.

The Chengdu Daily reported that Zhejiang Guangsha was offering Wade $2 million per month to play next season in the Chinese Basketball Association, a report that was later denied by a team official.

Wade’s agent also said it was untrue, but he made clear that the Miami Heat guard would look at China as an option if the NBA lockout lasts into the fall.

Wade was in China last month, along with several other NBA stars, for endorsement tours. There have been reports on other Chinese media sites that large offers will be made toKobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki.

“Neither Dwyane Wade nor I have received any offers like that,” Thomas said.

Sources with knowledge of the Chinese Basketball Association’s inner workings confirmed to’s Marc Stein earlier this week that the Chinese league was giving strong consideration to implementing a rule that would prevent NBA players from playing in China during an extended work stoppage.

Asked if there has been any dialogue between Wade and Chinese teams, Thomas said there has been “nothing.”

“Dwyane said something along the lines of that being ‘premature’ and ‘we’re not there yet,’ and that is accurate,” Thomas said.


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