Early Christmas Treat For Children in Rural Areas


On Saturday 18th December, children of Ottleys/Lodge Project attended their party at the Violet Petty Primary School. Those of Lodge Village and Bourryeau were hosted at Lodge Village Band House while those at Belle Vue were hosted at Lida’s residence.

The events were well attended by children and supported by parents/guardians and other constituents.

Children received the usual delights of sandwiches, cake, candy, ice-cream, biscuits, other snacks, drinks and toys.

Earlier that week, Thursday 16th December, parties were also held at the Molyneux Primary School, Ms. Samuel’s residence in Phillips, Merle’s residence in Christ Church, the Estridge Primary School and the Edgar T Morris Primary School in Tabernacle.

According to the organizers, the children enjoyed themselves tremendously and enjoyed mingling with their Member of Parliament, Dr Timothy Harris.


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