EBC chairman slams election campaign on eve of voting day: …urges citizens to exercise democratic right

Masson has been EBC chairman since 2005. He had been a commissioner for many years prior and had resigned in 2001 before being subsequently appointed chairman.

In a release issued yesterday around 6 p.m., the normally reserved EBC chairman advised voters not to be bamboozled by electioneering campaigns and go boldly and exercise their powerful and democratic right to vote.
Masson stated the people will decide who represents them in Parliament, pointing out that adult suffrage was achieved 69 years ago in the struggle for freedom from colonialism.

“As our forefathers who won the franchise gaze down from their exalted abode; at least I hope that is where they are, I wonder how they would regard the current state of affairs which has developed from the priceless legacy they left us.

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