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ECCB Hosting Business Course

This activity is designed to enhance the practical training of the course and equip the participants with hands-on business experiences while providing patrons to the stalls with a variety of healthy, tasty, organic, freshly brewed teas and related beverages.  A complementary objective of the exercise is to inspire the course participants and the wider public to consider the business potential in many items that are prevalent in the local environs.

The ECCB Entrepreneurship Course has been developed as a guide for persons interested in understanding the fundamentals of operating a successful small business.  The objectives of the course are to inspire more persons to consider entrepreneurship as a goal and promote best business practices among small business owners.  The course has also been introduced in Grenada and Anguilla and will be offered in the other ECCB member countries in 2012.

Entrepreneurship development is important to the ECCB’s mandate to actively pursue the economic development of member territories; the two sides of economic development comprising financial sector development and enterprise development.



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